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To contact us directly please call:

Wechat : Tom_apartment

Mailbox : [email protected]

Tel : +86 153 1147 8851

Address:qinghua east road wisdom court buiding 2 room 116, Haidian District, beijing

Before asking us any questions, please make sure you are
aware of the following :

1 :Contact US
let me know your leasing requirements suchas leasing period, location preference,monthly budget etc?After I 'll send your potential options in details (price, pics, roommates, .), then you'll have 2 options :
(a) . keep in touch with us and make the decision after you arrive China and see all available options in person (may take the risk that some good ones have already taken by others before you arrive)
(b) . If you can make the decision based on the info we provide, we can receive some deposit via Ailpay / wechat pay or bank transfer to reserve the apartment from the landlord in advance. (may take the risk that there's gap between your reality and your expectation)
2:After you make the decision
we'll help you bargain the price, sign the contract with landlord, and help you all the essential needs (such as registration, applying bank account, find a gym, etc.)
3.I heard late August is the busiest season for apartment rental...can i reserve a room on line prior to my arrival?avoid the rush ?
Definitely ! The majority of the students arrive around?February / March and?late August/early Sept, and apartment supplyis very tight during this month. Which is why we recommend that you register with us preferably one month before your arrival date and we'll be able to send you some pictures of apartment matching your preference. From that point, youwill be able to pay a deposit online and reserve the specific unit.

If you have questions about us.
You can fill in the form below and leave us a message.
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